Dance Film Project

It is already October. Time flies! I will be performing a solo in Hiroshima this month and performing a duet in Tokyo next month 🙂

So what I was doing in September was different. I did two dance film projects. These were personal projects, so I am not sure where these going to go exactly, but I had such a great time with videographers 🙂 It was very unique experience to dance outside on the streets. One project was asked by this German photo/videographer, and the other one was asked by Indian dancer who I met at the festival in April in India.

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Dance Trip – India①

Hello! It has been a while, but I would like to share and write about my thoughts and experiences as a dancer, a teacher, and a choreographer with you from now on regularly. I had learned so many things through different experiences during this spring and summer season. I hope this will be good information for those who works in the same field or who is interested in dance.(^^)

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