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“The Young and the Restless Dance Gallery stays High-Energy at at Ailey Citigroup Theater” 

by Kenji Mori
by Kenji MoriAiley Citigroup Theater”

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Ms. Itohara’s choreographic work was reviewed


  • Oberon’s Grove

May 3rd, 2015.  “HATCH: The Presenting Series”

Oberon’s Gorove is a website that is about classical music and dance events in Manhattan written by Philip Gardner since 2006.  His review has a very high reputation and has been widely discussed in the field.  Mr. Gardner has reviewed numerous dance performances and companies including American Ballet Theater, Paul Taylor Dance Co, Martha Graham Dance Company, many other major companies and performances in NYC.


  • The Dance Enthusiast

An Unknown Surprise at The Biomorphic Dance Festival -March 30th 2015

“Purity and Complexity in Satomi Itohara’s ‘Unknown’ -September 29th 2015  ”

Rituals in Motion: Drum beats and Footsteps -November 10th 2015 “Rituals in Motion”

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