Dance Marche vol.8 Dance Performance


Dance Marche vol.8 Dance Performance

Dancer Development Project
double bill: Carmen & George Sand
Two women who loved “love,freedom and loneliness” at the mercy of the time.


Performers:Alice Kodama, Yuya Yoshizaki
Ai Arimitsu,Satomi Itohara, Miu Kato, Karen, Niina, Sera Maehara, Ami Yuasa

『A letter from George Sand』

Performers:Naoko Ikegami, Igal(Piano)

Performance Details

Date:Jun 13th & 14th, 2019
Thu, 13th, at 7pm
Fri, 14th, at 2pm & 7pm
※Doors open 30 minutes prior to start

Ticket:Open seating
4500 yen (U-24 3500 yen) in advance
4800 yen (U-24 3800 yen) on the day of the show
※U-24=Under 24 years old. ID needed

Place:Square Ebara, Hiratsuka Hall(4-5-28 Ebara, Shinagawa, Tokyo)

Dance Marche

Cloud Funding

『Support for 6 young dancers training』
Dancer Development Project

?From Naoko Ikegami, Director of Dance Marche?

Think about environment for Japanese dance society
Many dancers in Japan want to focus on dancing. But to do so, they need to work for money. Many of them have part-time jobs, work in day time and practice late at night, supported by parents and not be able to be independent. Even so, there are quite a few people who give up dancing. Yes, this is a tough world.
The first goal of this project is to create an environment where dancers can focus on dancing like dance companies in abroad.

-Everyday free lessons
-Everyday rehearsa
-Support for Transportation
-Support for making fan for individual
These are some backups I am providing.

In addition,
-Classes and rehearsals are scheduled in the morning to early afternoon so that dancers can still work enough
-Dancers meet every day so that they can understand more about importance of communication and fellowship
-Make them grow more as a dancer by being more responsible to dancing. Develop choreographer-dancer relationship not teacher-student relationship by letting them take class without fee
-Increase movement vocabulary by dancing and facing for one choreographer tightly

What I would like to do is support dancers’s environment and face their challenge together, not just training dancers.
Also, I would like many people to understand how difficult to be “a professional dancer” in Japan. I will support and raise dancers with who appreciate arts.

What I want to you to ask is
-Transportation fee for dancers for 3 1/2 months=about 300,000 yen
-Rental studio fee for 3 1/2 months=about 230,000 yen
-Cloud funding fee=about 70,000 yen

Total 600,000 yen

To make this whole product it costs about 2400,000 yen, and I would like you to help us with dancer training project fee. Rest of the cost will be covered by tickets. Usually, this 600,000 yen doesn’t cost, but this time I need this to support dancers. I greatly appreciate your warm support for the project.