SANCE is a professional contemporary ballet project that presents original works by Satomi Itohara and guest choreographers based in Yokohama, Japan.

Artists get together on project basis to present her works. Her works are based in classical technique, and she adds smooth and dynamic quality on it. She utilize creative floor works and partnering that are not used in classical ballet, which makes her work very unique.

Her works has shown in dance festivals and showcases in around the world.

Performance and Activity History

●Contemporary Ballet Performance 『Meguru』 by Sance/ Satomi Itohara, THE HALL YOKOHA, Kanagawa Japan
●Want to Dance Festival, Taipei, Taiwan

●Music video collaboration with SOMBRA / Music Video produced by SOMBRA

Sance Dance Video Project (Streaming on YouTube)
●V Festival Virtual Cuerpo al Descubierto, Online dance festival from Mexico

●Ballet Concert 2019, Tokyo Japan
●10th Biennial Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta, Singapore
●Festival de Danza Contemporanea Uniperaonal “Querpo al Descubierto”, Mexico City, Mexico

●Aya Ballet School Performance 2018, Tokyo Japan

●TRY A DANCE vol.14, Hiroshima Japan
●Broccoli Art Festival 2017, Tokyo Japan
●AVAYAVA Contemporary Dance Festival, Pune India
●Theater 21 Fes, Tokyo Japan

●8 in Show, Dixon Place, New York, USA
●Ballet Inc. Series Vol.I, Manhattan Movements and Arts Center, New York, USA

●Impact Movement Collective “Who We Are”, Harlem Repertory Theater, New York, USA
●Emotions Physical Theater: An Evening of Contemporary Dance, New York, USA
●VashtiDance Theater “Living Light in Dark Places”, Pregones Theater New York, USA
●The Intimate Series, New York, USA
●Dumbo Dance Festival 2015, Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center, New York, USA
●The Dance Gallery Festival, Ailey Citigroup Theater, New York, USA
●HATCH The Presenting Series, Jennifer Muller/ The Works, New York, USA
●PMT Spring Dance Series, New York, USA
●12thAmalgamate Artist Series, DANY Studios, New York, USA
●Biomorphic Dacnce Festival, The Hudson Guild Theater, New York, USA
●Identically Different Dance Festival, Actors Fund Arts Center, New York, USA

●PMT Fall Dance Series 2014, New York, NY
●HATCH The Presenting Series, Jennifer Muller/ The Works, New York, NY

Review & Article

  • Sance/ Satomi Itohara: Opinions from the performance questionnaire on the blog (Japanese)



The first weekend of the IV Body in the Open Festival Concluded

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“The Young and the Restless Dance Gallery stays High-Energy at?at Ailey Citigroup Theater”?

by Kenji Mori

by Kenji Mori

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Ms. Itohara’s choreographic work was reviewed


  • Oberon’s Grove

May 3rd, 2015.? “HATCH: The Presenting Series”

Oberon’s Gorove is a website that is about classical music and dance events in Manhattan written by Philip Gardner since 2006.? His review has a very high reputation and has been widely discussed in the field.? Mr. Gardner has reviewed numerous dance performances and companies including American Ballet Theater, Paul Taylor Dance Co, Martha Graham Dance Company, many other major companies and performances in NYC.


  • The Dance Enthusiast

An Unknown Surprise at The Biomorphic Dance Festival?-March 30th 2015

“Purity and Complexity in Satomi Itohara’s ‘Unknown’?-September 29th 2015 ?”

Rituals in Motion: Drum beats and Footsteps?-November 10th 2015 “Rituals in Motion”

The Dance Enthusiast is a vibrant, engaging digital magazine and arts service organization. It has been serving the dance community by sharing its stories and news around New York to the world.? Its new media work have educated and inspired audiences to understand the deep value inherent in dance.


Collaborative Dancers

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