Japan Contemporary Dance Company “Being Human Being” Second Performance


The performance that I danced last September is going to be on stage again in February!

Please come see us if you have time!
I am looking forward to seeing you soon at the theater!


Japan Contemporary Dance Company “Being Human Being”
Date & Time:Friday, Feb 24th, 2023 at 6:30pm *door opens at 6:00pm
Location:宮前市民館 大ホール


Voices of visitors *From the September performance

(10’s, Female, Kanagawa)
At first glance, I could tell exactly what they were trying to express.
Someday I want to try contemporary.

(Female in her 20s Kanagawa)
The story of the work was very transmitted, and the development was a work that made me think very much.
I was able to express the current society through dance, and it made sense to me.
The pain, suffering, and sadness were not artificial, but very natural and made me think.
I was fascinated by the delicate and dynamic movements of the Artist.

There was the inhalation and exhalation of the breath, the flow of movement, the inflections of stillness and movement that were very impactful.
I had a very meaningful time. I was overwhelmed by the power that was generated from the slender body.
I could feel the energy coming from within, and it was very cool.

(Female in her 30s Kanagawa)
We are looking forward to the next performance!

(Female in her 40s Kanagawa)
It was my first time seeing a contemporary dance play, and it was very interesting, and I enjoyed it at my leisure, as it gave me a lot of freedom to feel.
While watching the stage, I put into words what I felt from the dance, such as loneliness, anxiety, and anticipation.
Whether it was connected to the theme or not, I felt comfortable with the joy and freedom of feeling it.
I was fascinated by the physical beauty and technique, and I was filled with a refreshing feeling when I saw everyone’s efforts.
I would love to see a show like this again.

(Female in her 50s Kanagawa)
It was a spectacular stage. It was great.

~About Japan Contemporary Dance Company~

The Japan Contemporary Dance Company (JCDC) is a creation based dance Company and a resource of production and education of contemporary dance in Japan.
With internationally active choreographer Paul Julius as artistic director, we will be performing three works, including pure contemporary works and pointe-style works that combine contemporary and classical music.