TRY A DANCE in Hiroshima



It is getting cooler here in Tokyo. Be sure to take care of your health. Keeping my health is such an important thing especially working as a freelancer (well, everyone should be in good health tho). “He who does not work, neither shall he eat”. This is like a perfect description of my life right now. lol Healthy body is a must thing to teach dance classes and attending rehearsals. So, no carelessness for health management. Let’s keep our body healthy through the change of seasons.

Now, I would like to let you know my upcoming performance in Hiroshima! I will perform a contemporary solo at JMS Aster Plaza in Hiroshima on Sun, Oct 22nd! The dance “Moment” has less classical materials and this will be the second time to perform but for the first time in Japan. If you are near, please contact me, so that I can prepare a ticket for you✨

TRY A DANCE vol.14

Date&Time: Sun, Oct 22nd at 2pm (1:30pm doors open)
Location: JMS Aster Plaza Multipurpose Studio
Ticket: 1000yen (contact at

Umbrella (Hyogo)
Ryoji Sasamoto (Yamaguchi)
SANCE/SatomiItohara (Tokyo)
Jump Performance Company (Hiroshima)
Makiko Tamura/small apple co. (Yamaguchi)
Junko Toyonaga (Aichi)
Kazuaki Yoshimura (Hiroshima)
Shintaro Hirahara (Guest)

Now, I am trying to remember the choreography that I created a few month ago! It hasn’t been that long, but I am having hard time remembering it. lol I will enjoy my time in the studio anyway until then✨