2nd WS by James Pett Well Done!


2nd Semi-Personal Online Lesson by James Pett has finished.

This time, we had 3 steps to complete the whole workshop. 1-Semi personal lesson, 2-Group lesson, 3-Sharing session.
Participants were from all over the world. From Japan, England, New Zealand, and Australia!

After taking semi personal lesson, everybody seemed digest advice from James very well by the sharing session on Saturday.
It was lovely to have a little showing and see great achievement in the end.

I would love to continue to support dancers all over the world.

And Thank you very much James Pett!!✨

◆Voice of Participants◆

” I felt very supported by James and Satomi while being challenged mentally and physically by the difficulty of the phrase work. I enjoyed that we were given two separate phrases with very different teaching styles to improve a variety of skills ”

“This semi-professional workshop volume 2 was magnificent because we can have the opportunity to work more individually and with the help of James Pett (when we had the private session). This was very good because we can train for a while the sentence that was given to us and then demonstrate on the day of the Sharing session where we can enjoy the moment with us and be in a show 🙂 .”