Dance Video Shooting^^


I had been rehearsing to create a dance piece for the performance that was scheduled in June.
However, the scheduled performance was cancelled due to corona virus.
I was very disappointed, and I thought about producing this new piece somehow.
So I decided to create a dance video 🙂

And today was the day of the shooting!

The location was ruined warehouse.
The floor was of course concreate and it was very hard.
Dancers wore socks, but socks are socks, they were worn out just in few hours.
And we had to dance over and over, so in the end I had movement version of Gestaltzerfall lol

The shooting schedule was all day, in the morning to evening. I thought it was going to be long day at first, but as we shoot time flew so fast.

I am very happy to be able to finish shooting safely and smoothly after all.
I cannot wait to see and share the final product with you.

Thank you very much for all those who helped me through this process!!