Finished Taiwan Want to Dance Festival


I went to Taiwan for Want to Dance Festival 2024!
I am very grateful for organizer and their staff for kind support.

I traveled with my family this time (my husband and daughter). It was my daughter’s first oversea, and there were some random things came up with it. But I feel relieved to be able to be back here in Japan safely after finishing my role.
I would like to write about tourist life in Taiwan in a different blog.

This festival was very unique. Artists from Taiwan and around the world performed in different area of the city of Wanghua, Taipei, such as a park, street, black box, theater, and so on in different times. So the audience walked around the city to watch various performances. I could not see other performers show much, but I enjoyed a lot what I could see.
I heard that the ticket of the festival was sold out, so I thought people in Taipei have a strong interest in the arts.

As a performer, I had a bit rough time because I had to have a very quick meeting with technical staff who just met and space the dance in very short time right before the performance.
I was very happy when I heard some positive feedbacks from the audience.